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Parking Marshals’ Instructions

Please read the Competitor Safety Instructions and the Parking and Boating Instructions [insert link], so that you understand exactly how the race is being organised. Also study the parking map below. 

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The Day Before the Event

On the day before the event the head parking marshal should go to the old boathouse and collect the following from near the entrance: 

  • Ten (no more) posts and a sledgehammer.  Do not take all the posts, as some are needed elsewhere by other signpost teams. 

  • Collect the following signs:
    "SLOW Regatta Ahead",
    3 X “Regatta”
    "Trailer parking"
    "Regatta Car Park"
    2 x “No Parking”
    1x “Keep off”
    “No Boats or Equipment Beyond this Point”
    3 left arrows
    3 right arrows. 
    Check that they will fit on a post (which had screws in them in different places for different signs). There are some duplicates that are required for elsewhere, so do not take these. 

  • Some cable ties (again, not all of them). 

  • A roll of red and white safety tape roll.

  • A key for the sliding pole gate (available from Adam Manson).

  • Six hi-viz fluorescent jackets (to be returned after the event).

  • As it may be dark when putting up or taking down signs, it is a good idea to have a small torch. If dark when people are arriving or leaving, fit this to the post on the sliding pole gate, so that cars can avoid hitting it. (Note from DMcD – should we have some bicycle lights which could be used – not sure exactly where this is ?

Please ensure that the rest of parking team knows that they must be on-site (at the front gate) for 07:00 latest, as clubs often arrive early. 

Your primary role is to ensure safety and ensure that competitors park in the correct locations. 

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On The Day Set-Up

  • Put up the signs as follows:

  • "SLOW Regatta Ahead" on wires/cable ties on the lamp post on left side of road going up to the bridge on Greenfield Lane.

  • “Regatta” plus arrows around the Scarll Road detour for the trailers (see details below)

  • “Trailer Parking” on the park gates. 

  • “Regatta Car Parking” plus an arrow on the road pointing towards the track going down to Vehicle Parking A.

  • “Parking" plus arrow somewhere down the football pitch side line, pointing right.

  • “No Parking” in front of the children’s play area. 

  • “Keep Off” on one of the posts holding the red-and-white warning tape bordering the football pitch. 

  • “No Boats or Equipment Beyond this Point” behind the tape on the football pitch. 

  • Open the sliding pole gate. 

  • Put some posts up 1 metre out from the goal posts to the corner flags and 1 metre out from the side-line and then string the red-and-white warning tape between these. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY CARS STRAY ONTO THE FOOTBALL PITCH.  

  • Marshals should don their fluorescent jackets and position themselves as follows: One in the road at the bottom of the bridge, directing the trailers around the Scarll Road detour (see below) and cars into the car park, one at the park gates, one at the pole gate, two on the main road in the park, when necessary directing trailers to the old football pitch parking area, one in the park floating between the side of the football pitch making sure cars gets parked up straight and neat.

  • Obtain a waste bin and put it on the path by the side of the old football pitch near the hill to the boathouse.

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Trailer Parking

  • It has been recommended that all vehicles approach the race site from the A630 via Greenfield Lane.

  • Because of the tight turns, trailers will usually need to go around the block in Hexthorpe (left on Old Hexthorpe Road, first right on Shady Side, first right on Scarll Road and right onto Urban Road towards the gates). At the Park gates the marshal should directed them into the Park where the other marshals should tell them where to park.  

  • All vehicles travelling in the Park must observe the speed limit of 5mph and switch on both headlights and hazard warning lights. 

The first trailers to arrive should be directed to the bottom of the main park road towards the boathouse and told to park on the right-hand side of the road (“Trailer Parking A” on the map below). Boats can be rigged on the grass opposite EXCEPT IN FRONT OF THE PLAY AREA opposite the boathouse (this will be blocked off by tape). The later arrivals should park on the right-hand side of the road or in the short roads around the crazy golf course. When all these places in Trailer Parking A are full, the remaining trailers should be directed to Trailer Parking B in the field on the south side of Hexthorpe Park (market in red on the map below).

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