All Sheffield City members are welcome to use club boats. If you would like to reserve a boat in advance or check if a boat is available in a priority session contact the appropriate squad leader. Always check that the boat you want is safe to use before putting it on the water.


Some boats in the clubhouse are private boats owned by members. You are forbidden to use private boats without the express permission of the owner. University boats may be borrowed only with the permission of the Sheffield City captain and the University captains.

Sheffield City members are permitted to keep boats on allocated racking spaces. An application must first be submitted to the Captain who will take the proposal to the next committee meeting. The Captain will report the result of the application to the member. The contract will be reconsidered after 3 years.


The Captain will represent all private boat owners at committee meetings.


Racking space within the clubhouse is highly limited. Rowing is an active sport. The clubhouse is not intended to be used as long term storage for boats that do not get used.

When a boat is removed from the clubhouse it must be declared to the Sheffield City Captain and committee. A new boat cannot simply "replace" a boat that already has a racking space. A new application must be drafted and submitted. Similarly, if a boat changes hands between members a new application must be submitted. Both the captain and committee must be informed.

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