March 2, 2016

Hi all


For Wednesday's session, we might be starting just a few minutes late, as our WEHORR boat are doing a short session at 7:30. But hopefully just a couple of minutes delay, and I'll try to make sure it's minimal.


Wednesday session


2 x 11-minute pieces, on a 5-minu...

February 17, 2016

Hi all


Simple one this week.





5k, rate 24, enjoy :-)



Suggested second session


We've been doing quite a lot of medium length (5-10 minute) piece recently, so this is a change of emphasis back to something longer.


2 x 15 minutes, r22, 5-minute active rest.



February 10, 2016

Hi all

Back on track now.

Vicky is sunning herself in Lanzarote, so tomorrow you are subject to my whims :-)

The outline of the sessions are below.

Also, just to get you ready, next Wednesday will be another 5km piece, like the one we did before Christmas.


Also, we hav...

February 3, 2016

Hi all

I have only just realised that I never sent out last week's sessions, very sorry. I'll assume it didn't ruin everybody's week :-p

Rumour is that you loved the Ciaramids :-)
(I didn't name them by the way, my ego is not that big, it was Gareth who coined the phra...

January 27, 2016

Hi all


Details of sessions below






5 x 4 minutes, on 3 minutes rest. Rates:

1) 20/22/22/24

2) 22/22/24/24

3) 22/24/24/26

4) 24/24/26/26

5) 24/26/26/whatever you feel is a strong, controlled rate for you


The idea of these pieces is to start to get us working at...

January 19, 2016

Hi all


This is the new all-group crew class email list for this term. We're going to put the two groups together for the first while and see how it goes - this way you get someone who knows what they are talking about in terms of technique (Vicky) and somebody who will...

December 16, 2015

Hi all


Last erg-week of the term, and it's a simple one....


Wednesday session


5km, rate 20, hard :-)




December 9, 2015

Hi all


Second last erg-week! Time to gear up for a r20 5 k next week :-)



Wednesday session


4 x 6 minutes, r20, on 1 min rest


Quite a simple one. It's 24 minutes of work - most people will pull between 20-25 minutes for the 5k piece next week, so this is the right ball...

December 2, 2015

Hi all



Wednesday session


3 x 9 mins, 3 minute rest, r20/18/20


This is a modified version of the session which we did last year, which people found just a bit too hard.

The idea is that it is preparation for a 5k piece in a fortnight. So the aim is to do the r20 chunks...

November 25, 2015

Hi all

Two sessions below.


This is a bit of an experimental session - unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try it myself, but I think it will work.

5 pieces (10', 8', 6', 4', 2'), on 2 minutes rest.
Rates change every 2 minutes: 16 to 24 in the first pie...

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