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Committee Roles


  • Manages training, coaching and associated resource allocation

  • Sets out general direction/focus of the Club and communicates this regularly to members

  • Produces Club Event Calendar in consultation with Squad Leaders

  • First point of contact for Dispute Resolution


  • Manages Committee

  • Represents the Club at British Rowing regional level and at meetings of other organisations

Committee Member

  • Represents Club members and acts as a further point of contact and engagement between members and Committee

  • Ensures diverse range of views from across the Club are considered at Committee meetings


  • Ensures Club crews are properly entered in events as agreed by the Club Captain

  • Maintains a record of race fees for each member

  • Circulates all information received from Event Organisers to relevant Club members

Fleet & Facilities

  • First point of contact for repairs and maintenance of equipment and boathouse facilities

  • Co-ordinates any repair/maintenance work where required

  • Manages day-to-day boathouse stock (eg nuts, washers, toilet paper)


  • Signposts enquiries from potential members to relevant info/application process

  • Corresponds with Club members at the beginning of each year regarding annual fees, following up outstanding fees where required throughout the year.

  • Maintains Club mailing lists

  • Works jointly with the Welfare Officer and relevant Squad Leader to co-ordinate additional member support where required

  • Issues boathouse keys and maintains a record of current keyholders


  • Arranges monthly Club Committee meetings and circulates minutes to all Club members

  • Acts as a point of contact for British Rowing, other clubs and associations; forwarding on correspondence to relevant Club members

  • Maintains Club details on British Rowing's ClubHub

  • Maintains Club website and social media channels


  • Organises Christmas Ceilidh

  • Organises other regular social events throughout the year


  • Responsible for the collection and disbursement of all Club monies and keeping proper accounting records of all transactions

  • Presents audited accounts showing the Club’s annual financial position at the AGM

  • Presents brief account reports showing the Club's monthly financial position to each Committee meeting 

  • Maintains the Club's Asset Register for insurance purposes

  • Ensures all service charges (eg insurance) are paid/renewed appropriately

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Non-Elected Roles

These roles have a voice, but no vote on Committee issues

Appointed by Club Captain


  • Supports Club Captain in their duties and acts as their deputy

Appointed by Committee

Safety Officer

  • Raises awareness of good practice regarding Health & Safety

  • Advises, investigates and reports on any serious incidents 

  • Organises annual capsize drill

  • Completes Annual Club Safety Audit for British Rowing 

  • Reads and circulates regular British Rowing Safety Reports

Appointed by Committee

President (Honorary Role)

  • Club figurehead

  • Represents the club at public events


Welfare Officer

  • Raises awareness of good practice regarding Welfare

  • Advises, investigates and reports on any Welfare issues where appropriate

  • Reads and circulates any British Rowing Welfare Policy updates

Info: Mngmnt - What: List
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