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Lincoln Head 2020

Lincoln head is not a regularly attended event for CSRC, but with all the cancellations that have been occurring recently, it gave our small boats and novices a chance to get some racing under the belt before heading into regatta season. Only two CSRC boats entered. However, with two wins at the end of the day, that's not a bad record.

The novices, who have mainly been training and racing (when possible) in 4+'s, teamed up with four of the senior women to form a mixed 8+. In their first 8's race ever, they went out and won setting what will hopefully be a strong precedent for future racing.

Another win for Cat and Bridie in the 2x, now infamously known as the Bat Boat, brings their win total in the two and a half seasons, to something that would take a bit of working out. Two for two in the 2020 season, long may it continue.

Our friends at Sheffield University Rowing Club (SURC) also had a positive day out with their novice squad and a couple of their seniors winning all of the events they entered including Open 8's, 4+ and 2-.

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