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Christmas Ceilidh 2014

The club like to say a huge thank you to Cat McDougall for organising this year's Christmas Ceilidh! All who attended had a great time with everyone taking part in the dances. The music was provided courtesy of Roger the Badger. Everyone was treated to pie and peas and a mysterious supply of nachos and sweets. The club bought in 2 kegs of beer and took donations for each raffle ticket with a pint. Many club members also brought along their own drinks.

This is the second time the club has held a ceilidh at St Andrews Hall, Nether Edge. Both times have been a success thanks to the hard work put in by Cat and her crew!

It was great to see so many new faces! Many of the novices who had joined over the last year came along and joined in.

A small, brave group continued the party into the night. Despite this, we were hugely impressed by the ability of the men's 8+ to turn out a full crew (with cox) the following morning at 7am.

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