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Durham Regatta 2022

It was a return to Durham Regatta after a 4 year gap mainly due to cancellations as a result of weather and COVID. It was a great (albeit very busy) weekend with many Sheffield crews holding their own against strong opposition.

In 2018 the senior men managed to win the Open Championship 4- trophy, which was effectively retained by the club until 2021. With a 50% change in the line up from 2018, Piers Turnball, Gregor Duncan, Mike Luckham and George Brookfield successfully regained the Durham Challenge Cup against Edinburgh Uni, with some particularly excellent steering through the Old Elvet Bridge, a unique feature of long course.

While, the Durham Challenge Cup was the only win for City of Sheffield, there were a good number of final spots gained on the back of a significant number of wins through the earlier heats, quarters & semi finals. Finalists included the senior W4x-, Eli Op 2- and W1x.

It was the first visit to Durham for our junior squad with challenging, windy conditions. There were brilliant performances from Bess and Jo in their singles, alongside the J14 4x- who made it through to the semi-finals!

City of Sheffield would like to extend a huge thank you to Harriet Adamson from Sheffield Uni who very kindly trailered all Sheffield boats up and back to Durham, and who also went on to win the W Beginners 1X in her last race for Sheffield Uni.

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