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Fundraising for New Explorer Boat

City of Sheffield Rowing Club is excited to share that we recently secured £3,000 of grant funding from The Rowing Foundation towards the purchase of a further Explorer boat. This is a huge success for the club, and we hope that everyone is as excited as we are!

This boat will be used to teach novices (who will go into Men's squad, Women's squad or Rec squad) how to row, and will be especially useful for teaching people with disabilities, as it is a very stable boat. It will also be used to teach juniors right at the beginning of their rowing journey before moving into fine boats (especially on any junior summer camps for beginners). It will also be used by Rec squad, for training, and hopefully at some point in the future to run our very own Rec race! Therefore, the boat will be of benefit to the whole club, and especially beginners who want to get involved in rowing.

We have managed to source a second-hand (but in very good condition) Explorer boat. However, it currently lives in Cork, Ireland! The cost of the boat plus the cost to get the boat transported from Cork to Sheffield comes in at about £6,000. We are in the process of organising the logistics of getting the boat brought to Sheffield.

As part of the grant funding from The Rowing Foundation, we need to match the £3,000 that has kindly been pledged to our cause. City of Sheffield Rowing Club has now launched a campaign to raise the remaining £3,000 towards the cost of the boat and its transport to Sheffield.

We have already successfully raised £400 through our continued efforts to use Easy Fundraising, so now need to raise the remaining £2,600.

We have set up a Just Giving Campaign to raise a target of £2,600 and would appreciate the support of anyone who is willing to donate to help us get to this target. Every donation, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated and will put us one step closer to getting our new Explorer boat to Damflask.

If you have any questions about the fundraising campaign, please email

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