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Good Friday Row 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to ‘you know what’ the day of the Good Friday Row Nottingham to Newark 2022 with Explore rowing dawned bright and warm.

Usually an annual event it involves rowing downstream for 36.5 km starting at Nottingham and negotiating four out of five sets of locks before arriving at Newark marina. This is a lovely part of the river Trent, and the good conditions promised a fantastic day of rowing.

Last attempted by members of CSRC in 2015 this time there were two of us from the recreational squad who joined a crew from Leicester RC. They brought two coxed quads and after introductions we set about rigging the boats. Claire, Clare, Anne, Alison and Maggie bonded over tea and bacon butties, hosted by Nottingham RC, before boating at 9.30 onwards.

Forty crew members in eight coxed quads set off reaching Holme Lock after 3.8km. Two Leicester RC, two Newark RC , two Nottingham RC (one lent to Yare RC from Norwich) and two Devil’s Elbow RC crews.

The rowing was relaxed but consistent the aim being that all boats would enter the locks at the same time with the sweep boat entering last. Lock keepers were expecting us, and we had paused to don buoyancy aids for the ‘locking down’, entering a lock full and leaving after the water has been released. These were then taken off to resume the row.

Rafting up in the locks was a chance to rest, chat to other crews and swap sweeties.

Just after 17 km a lunch stop, and reapplication of sunscreen was another welcome rest. It was very warm, and we formed an orderly queue at the ice cream van.

Determined rowing covered the rest of the distance with just one lock offering rest and relief, but spirits remained high despite some weary bodies. The river was a wonderful setting full of interest and the company great fun. Herculean efforts had been made by our crew members to get boats to the event due to trailer trouble the evening before. So, a big THANKS Leicester.

Boats derigged and washed we enjoyed a meat or veg chilli provided by Newark RC in a very smart boathouse. The sweep boat was late into the marina due to an unscheduled stop at Farndon to have warm banana bread delivered by a partner of one of the crew. Truly the bar has been raised.

A huge thanks to both rowing clubs for hosting a fabulous day of rowing as well as to Bridget Hazell, Liz head, Richard Pickup (shore support) and Richard Willan sweep boat cox.

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