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Henley Women's Regatta 2019

Three boats entered and two quarterfinals obtained! It's been a while since City of Sheffield has sent any boats to HWR, so have three this year is a testament to women's squad and the effort that they have put in. Video's of these tremendous efforts can be seen below.

Rachel Baker really went for it in her single scull. Finishing fastest in the time trail, Rachel went on to win her heat before missing out narrowly in the quarter final to very experienced sculler, well known on the junior circuit.

Catt Webb and Bridie Hamilton looked to take a big step up from their dominance on the domestic regatta in Summer 2017 and like Rachel managed to both qualify in the women's double category and comfortably move through their first hear. Unfortunately, a steering malfunction in their quarter finals led to a disqualification in a race they looked set to win.

The women's 4+ also took a huge step in their racing pedigree by pushing themselves to the limit in the qualifying races. Unfortunately, they just missed out moving on to the heats, but many lessons were learned and if they can continue the form shown over the last year, no doubt 2020 will be their year!

Cat Webb and Bridie Hamilton (2x) Time Trial - 03:10:36

Women's 4+ Time Trail - 03:46:28

Cat Webb and Bridie Hamilton (2x) Heat - 08:24:50

Rachel Baker (1x) Time Trail - 00:20:52

Rachel Baker (1x) Heat - 04:33:10

Cat Webb and Bridie Hamilton (2x) Quarter Final - 09:32:25

Rachel Baker (1x) Quarter Final - First Race of Day 3

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