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Henley Women's Regatta 2021

After a year of cancellations, racing has finally returned. And the women's double of Cat Web and Bridie Hamilton decided to start back with a bang and head to the highest standard of racing in the country.

In 2019, Cat and Bridie (aka Bat Boat) lost out in the quarter finals of the aspirational doubles (A2x) after a steering malfunction early in the race. A2x has the second highest number of entries (28) in the whole regatta, with only 16 places in the first round heats. Even though the pair had a great row in the time trial, they were unfortunately eliminated from the competition as 3rd fastest non-qualifier missing out by a mere 2.3 seconds!

University of Sheffield also entered a boat into the A2x competition, and similarly were just off the qualification finishing as 4th fastest non-qualifiers by a time of 3.4 seconds.

As well as the A2x, University of Sheffield entered an aspirational academical coxless four (AA4-) off the back of a very strong performance at BUCS Regatta. They drew Oxford Brookes in the first round. After leading by a length for the majority of the race, a steering issue right at the end cost them the win.

Video's of these tremendous efforts can be seen below.

Cat Webb and Bridie Hamilton (A2x) Time Trial - 03:09:05

University of Sheffield (AA4-) Quarter Final - 09:32:50

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