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Laser Quest Social


Laser Quest: 19:00. Sheffield City kitted up and took each other on in 40 minutes of gruelling team based action. We cracked out the neon warpaint and glow sticks and ran into the arena to the sound of TRON: Legacy.

Nothing could have prepared us for what lay inside. Teamwork. Camaraderie. Friendship. None of these things mattered. It was totally okay to camp a corner. Shooting someone in the back and chasing them for half a round was completely acceptable. I'm told that putting your hand over someone's gun is frowned upon. Meh. If you're afraid of getting sweaty, these games are not for you. Sweat was literally pouring off us.

It transpired that it wasn't a private game, so there were some smaller members (you might call them children) on each team. Suffice to say, they didn't last long.

We played a single team vs team game, followed by a free for all. Despite his youth and large stature Tom Phillips emerged as the clear winner of the free-for-all battle. We salute you, Tom. We salute you.

Afterwards, we headed into town and refuelled at a Chinese buffet on West Street. We ate lots. It was good.


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