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New Year's Day Walk 2015

On Saturday, seven of us trekked across the hilltops in Hope Valley. We took the train from Sheffield to Hope early in the morning and set off toward Mam Tor. After a couple of hours we were in the cloud and it wasn't long before we'd reached the summit.

As we arrived, the hill top was shrouded in cloud and there was some light hail. However, a couple of sandwiches later the clouds began to clear and we were treated to some amazing views.

We continued across a bog and there was yet more fog. In fact there was so much fog only Piers knew where we were headed. There were some more spectacular views. Some of us fell over in the mud. Then some of us fell in the snow. No one was injured. It was dirty and it was cold and it was thrilling.

Just under 6 hours after we set off, we wearily strolled into the Ramblers Inn. Most of us were soaked, cold and aching. We immediately set up next to the fire, pulling a few tables together and claiming a nearby radiator. The Mam Tor burger proved extremely popular. It was so huge that some of us were entirely incapable of eating dessert.

I'd definitely do it again. See you in 2016 for another New Year Walk!

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