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Plum Pudding Regatta 2014

This year's annual Plum Pudding Regatta was organised for the morning of Sunday 14th December allowing a couple of days for club members to recover from the Christmas Ceilidh!

Members started to turn up just before 10 and racing begin half an hour later. The clubhouse felt particularly festive thanks to copious streams of tinsel, mulled wine and Christmas music.

There were plenty of representatives from Sheffield City, Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University. Jacqui collected participant's names and put them into a hat. Claire and Cat picked names at random and filled out crew lists. In total there were 7 crews, each named after a fictional reindeer.

Blitzen (Nick, Rebecca, Sally J, Mike J)

Prancer (Jamie, John, Shirley, Cat T)

Comet (Simon C, Sarah S, Graham, Alex H)

Dancer (Joel, Dawn B, Fleur, Donald)

Cupid (Piers, Jacqui, Claire, Eli)

Dasher (Alan, David S, Millie, Gareth)

Donner (Tom P, Dave M, Ciara, Bridie)

Dancer went on to win against Donner the final it was closely contested. Dancer crossed the line only a foot and a half ahead of the other crew!

Winners each took home a plum pudding and an official CSRC mug sporting the club emblem. Runners up in the final also received postcards with pictures of the reservoir.

Well done to everyone who took part and special thanks to everyone who helped organise the event! We're already looking forward to next year's event.

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