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South Yorkshire Head 2015

Saturday 7th February was the date of the annual South Yorkshire Head. This is a head race run jointly by both City of Sheffield and Doncaster Rowing Clubs.

The club had some big wins with the Senior Men’s Eight topping IM2 and recording the second fastest time of the day. Coupled with this, wins from two of the Women’s master’s boats, it made for a very successful day at the races.

It was also a big day for the clubs novices, who have had race after race cancelled on them, as after months of training finally got there chance to race against other clubs. Teamed up with some of the clubs more experienced members they put up some tremendous performances showing that the club has an ever growing talent pool ready to step up and compete for places in both the men’s and women’s squad.

Both Donald McDougall (the event secretary) and Liz Brown, who towed not one, but two trailers (not at the same time) deserve massive credit from all members of City of Sheffield, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam rowing clubs for their tremendous commitment to ensuring that everyone got to race throughout the day.

[ Simon Coyne ]

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