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South Yorkshire Head 2020

After a seemingly endless stream of cancellations this head season, City of Sheffield finally got back out onto the race circuit and brought home some pots!

South Yorkshire Head is a popular 4,000m head race on the canal in Doncaster and jointly hosted/run by Doncaster and City of Sheffield Rowing Clubs. As well as running the event, CSRC members also race in the event and managed wins in 50% of the categories that they entered.

The women's 8+ hit there first milestone of the year, topping the table as champions of South Yorkshire as they prepare for Women's Head of the River Race (WHORR). Next stop Head of the Trent to help cement dominance in the North.

Despite getting tangled in some trees in the early part of the race, Simon Coyne managed to hold off his opposition and win in the singles category.

The women's double of Cat Webb and Birdie Hamilton continued their impressive 2018 & 2019 performances into the 2020 season with a win in their category. They'll be targeting Lincoln Head next as their final head race before moving into their regatta season training. There is no doubt that this is a Sheffield boat to look out for at Women's Henley!

With some of the senior men moving away from the open event into the masters, Sheffield was able to put out it's first masters men's 8+ in about 5 years. Unfortunately, there were no other masters entries at the event, so the men elected to row Open, placing third in the Band 1 eights. Probably one of the most consistent crews of 2020, these guys will be a force to reckon with come Vets Head of the River (VHORR).

Other notable performances were the novice squads 4+ who competed in there second ever event and showed great grit and determination the whole way down the course. Rachel Baker also raced in her single, and while a dalliance with some low hanging trees prevented her from taking home a pot, some good race experience was gained as she prepares for trials in the coming weeks.

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