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Steer to Success!


Hello All

We have a bit of a shortage of coxes in our club, which is something we need to address. And what better time than as it is getting warmer?! Some good reasons to cox:

  • A chance to learn to steer and make calls while not rowing if you hope to be able to sit at bow in a coxless crew

  • Developing your assertiveness and multi-tasking skills

  • Looks great on your CV, demonstrating leadership and decision making

  • Seeing the boat from a different perspective will improve your understanding of how to row well

  • It's fun!

  • Helping out your team mates

  • Getting to know people from parts of the club you don't normally row with

  • People are really nice to you outside the boat

  • Complete switch off from work/life stress - way too many things to think about to have anything else in your head

  • An excuse to be outdoors

Any rowers fancy giving it a go?

Or do you know someone who you think would enjoy it? Maybe one of your work colleagues is over controlling - let them vent it at the club where they are welcome to go on a power trip as a cox!

You don't need to be mega small but it is more comfortable in terms of fitting in the seats if you are average sized or smaller. It would be great to get more juniors and novices involved in coxing.


Get in touch with me if you are game and please forward this to anyone you think might be interested. If I can get a small group together then my hope is to do a few sessions of teaching and if anyone wants to continue with it (no obligation to) then I'll support them in their development and find them crews to train with.

Thanks :)


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