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Wallingford and Nottingham Regattas 2019

The early regattas of 2019 saw a mixed bag of results for City of Sheffield Rowing Club.

At Wallingford the men were unlucky to miss out going into the semi-finals of the 4- competition, losing out to Thames Rowing club by 0.5 seconds after reeling them in from 3/4 of a length down in the final 250m of the race.

This thrilling finish can be seen on the Regatta footage below at 00:29:40.

More success was to be had where Cat Webb won out in her first regatta single's race. While there were no pots to be had for the women's 4+, this was their first opportunity to race 2000m in a multi-lane regatta, helping to maximise their experience as they prepare for their first ever attendance at Henley Women's Regatta later this year.

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