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York Summer Regatta 2015

Click here for the videos. There is a video for every Sheffield race on the day, including Piers' super-dramatic encounter with a pleasure boat.

After a bright and early start, the Don landed the trailer amongst some geese and those of us that had arrived started to rig boats. As with every York Regatta there were plenty of geese.

Since we were one of the first trailers there, we parked up at the far end near the railway bridge. The day started off bright and sunny, but the wind quickly picked up and the clouds drew in. This was clearly British Summer weather.

In the early afternoon, the women's masters coxless quad won the semi final and raced to victory in the final. Congratulations ladies!

Jill and Penny also put in a sterling effort in the double, managing to get through multiple rounds only to be knocked out in the final.

Gareth entered his single scull but unfortunately lost in the final of the IM2 1x to a York sculler. Piers fared similarly against the same sculler in the final of the IM1 single sculls, but not without some drama!

Toward the end of his race, a boat pulled out in front of both Piers and his opposition. Piers stuck to his guns and carried on. (Thankfully nothing happened, because as we later found out his boat insurance had run out the very same day).

The mixed coxless quad put in a brave effort but weren't able to pull out a win in the end. The men's novice quad, coxed by Simon Coyne, put up a strong fight but it wasn't enough...

... despite Simon's terrifying raw enthusiasm.

Soon after, the men's IM3 four set off coxed by Alan Brown. Alan was unusually quiet in the cox's seat.

John Elliott and Chris Smith also entered a masters double. Sunday was a great day, and even though we only had one win everyone had a fantastic time! At one point Alex Bingle was put in charge of the camera. The rest of the photos speak for themselves...

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