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Hi all

Hope everybody's well.

Two things..

1. If you can't come some Wednesday, please 'reply all' to this email (or subsequent ones from me) as this has everybody who is interested on it.

That way somebody might benefit from your seat. It will just work better than texting Eli or I, as we won;t necessarily have time to try to fill the seat.

So send an email to everyone, and then someone on the list might reply and take it.

2. This week's sessions.

Wednesday's work piece:

The main work on Wednesday will be one drawn directly from the Vicky school of erging - a lovely long pyramid :-)

33 minutes, in 3 minute blocks at rates 16/18/20/18/20/22/20/18/20/18/16

The overall RPE will be about 16-17 - but realistically it's about pacing it so that the first rate 16 is the same split as the lat, the rate 20s are all the same split etc.

Pick a technical focus for each 3 minute block and focus on it.

It's a mixture of rates, and the thought behind doing it is...

- This will be the longest continuous piece we've done so far, so it will be hard!

- The rate changes keep it interesting (in contrast to last week's deliberately-boring 2 x 18 minutes)

- The repetition of rates across the pyramid allows us to work on our pacing, to ensure that we manage the same splits during each block of the rate. Again the point there is that we pace it so that we still manage good quality and good form right at the end, rather than falling to bits.

A suggested second session.

My suggestion for a second piece this week might not appeal! A baseline 5km piece, capped at rate 20.

If the first crew class was the first time you'd been on an erg in a while, but you've done the 3 crew classes and a couple of extra ergs, this would be session 6 - not a bad time to get a baseline test in!

Then towards christmas time we'll do one as a group on a Wednesday night, and if you have something from now to compare against, you'll be able to see your progress (albeit with the different conditions of the group environment, which of course does make a difference for most people).

Having it rate capped means that we concentrate on getting the distance per stroke, rather than just flying up and down the slide.

If you just don't fancy that, perhaps have a go at the 5km, but broken down.

So do 5 x 1km pieces, on 1 minute rest. So you are covering the distance, but with short breaks so it's not as intiimidating, or a bit more suitable if you think it's too early in the erging season for you to do a full 5km hard. One minute isn't a massive rest, but it's enough to allow you to get yourself over the acute discomfort, and to make sure your form doesn't suffer and you (hopefully) don't hurt yourself. Try to pace it so that you can keep do the same in the 4th k as you can the first, and maybe have a little bit extra left to give in the fifth one. If however you go to hard and end of falling to pieces in the fifth one, it's a good lesson in being realistic about the split! Hope everybody has a good week, see some of ye on Wednesday Ciara

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