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Hi all

Apologies for the delay to this one - misplaced my erg-session planning file!

Tonight's entertainment:

3 x 10 minutes, on 1' rest, and we'll have rate changes from 18-24 within each 10-minute piece.

Two aims here:

Endurance: the total work is less than last week, but the rests are shorter

Distance per stroke: As the rate goes up in each 10 minute block, the split will come down - but those should only be because of the rate - the work on the legs should be the same throughout.

Suggested second session for the week

2 x 20 minutes, on 5' rest, rate 20. At an RPE of about 14 - 'somewhat hard'. (So a split which you could maintain for an hour, although you wouldn't exactly love that hour).

Three aims here:

Mental endurance: keeping a consistent effort for the full 20 minutes.....and then backing it up with another one

Physical endurance: 40 minutes of work at a decent (but not horrible) effort

Technical: As the Wednesday session had shorter intervals with rate changes, it's a bit trickier to focus on technique then. So put it into your second session instead - watch back over your video from a few weeks ago, and pick out what needs work.

See you later


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