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Hi all

Sorry I'm so late with this this week, work got in the way unfortunately.

Wednesday's session

Is a lovely one Jo gave me.

It's 40 minutes, no rests, with rate changes from 16 to 24. Basically, the first 10 minute block is a bit of a warm-up, the next is getting going, the 3rd is solid work, and the 4th is proper 'ard.

The idea is that overall it's not a killer session, but you are trying to focus on the pacing, so it's a way to work really hard on concentration.

The pattern is:

Minute - Rate

40 - r16

38 - r18

36 - r16

34 - r18

32 - r16

30 - r16

28 - r18

26 - r20

24 - r18

22 - r16

20 - r16

17 - r18

14 - r20

11 - r22

10 - r18

6 - r20

3 - r22

1 - r24

For splits, the idea is that you do the very last minute (the r24) at about your target 2k pace. Then add 4-5 seconds for each rate above that.

So something like this, if your target for 2k was about 2:00:

r16 - 2:20

r18 - 2:15

r20 - 2:10

r22 - 2:05

r24 - 2:00

It's not a perfect science, but that should let you aim at splits which are hard, but not so hard that you won't be able to finish the piece.

Suggested 2nd session

For the second session, I'm suggesting working towards whatever your target is for a 5k piece - then we'll do one (if people want to) in crew class just before Christmas.

So for the non-crew class sessions, we'll do them as distance piece rather than times pieces.

So have a go at 6 x 1km, on a 5 minute rest, at whatever split you would secretly like to pull for 5 km in 5 weeks time, or a second quicker.

The long rest is so that you can try and get the consistency across the pieces, then we'll shorten the rest and build towards the 5km.

The extra 1km tacked onto the end is for our base endurance.


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