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Hi all

Apologies again for this being so late.

Wednesday's session

This week we're going with a 33-minute pyramid. This is exactly the same as a session we did 4 weeks ago - not because I'm lazy and unimaginative, but because I think it can be really useful to repeat sessions to look at progress. So while I had been tempted to lengthen it or play with the rates a little, instead we'll keep it exactly the same, so that people can compare their splits if they want.

I have the video camera with me, and I'll make sure I get footage of people at both lower and higher rates.

This will feed nicely into next week's session, when we'll be doing more technical stuff, and higher rate, shorter duration pieces, so we can use the video as the basis for that session.

This week's suggested second session.

As I said last week, the extra sessions I'm suggesting are building towards a 5km.

So this week, have a go at 4 x 1500, on 2:30 rest, rate 20.

Idea behind it:

- Again, aim for the target split that you want to hit in a Christmas 5k, and see can you get it in the last 1500 piece as well as the first.

- This is the same total distance (and therefore total work, if you keep the same split) as last week's 6 x 1k session. I've changed both piece duration (longer) and rest interval (shorter), which is a bit of a cardinal sin in programming - it's generally better to change just one at a time. But when most people are only erging once or twice a week, we have to be a bit harsh on ourselves and make those big jumps between sessions!

- Keeping it capped at r20, because enough people seem to want to do a capped 5km piece for direct comparison to last year. Then when we take that cap off ourselves after Christmas, we should be able to maintain that power per stroke as we up the rate, and our splits will fall satisfyingly :-)


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