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Hi all

For this week, we're changing the emphasis a little bit in the Wednesday session, and continuing building towards the 5k in the other session.


We're going to go a bit more technical tonight, with a guest appearance from Vicky :-)

So we'll spend the first part of the session working on technical points, some of it picked up from the videos of last week's session.

And then we'll do some work - but higher intensity than we've been doing before.


3 x 2 minutes r20, on 2'rest

5 min rest

3 x 2 minutes r24/26, on 2' rest.

The idea is to get working at a higher intensity and higher rate than we have been doing, but also to see can we a) transfer the improvement from Vicky's technical work into the pieces and b) maintain this improvement even as the rate goes up and fatigue sets in.

Suggested second session for the week

3 x 2k, r 20, on 2:00 rest.

This is keeping the double progression from last week - increasing the distance per piece, and decreasing the rest. It should be hard! See how close you can get to the otal distance covered in the 6 x 1km and 4 x 1500m pieces.


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