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Hi all

Two (relatively) easy sessions this week to ease ourselves back into it.

Wednesday session

3 x 10 minutes, on 3' rest, fartlek style with rates between 18 and 24.

'Fartlek' is a bit of an old-school endurance running training method. It basically means continuous pieces of work, within which you vary intensity between low, medium and high. So similar to the idea of interval training, but with variable and sometimes slightly random intervals - it keeps it interesting to mix it up a bit.

It doesn't replicate rowing exactly, because we race at a more-or-less constant intensity, but it can be a fun way to get some high intensity work in.

I haven't put the details of lengths and rates in, because that would give the game away :-) But drop me an email if you want the outline after the session.

Suggested second session

Repeat the Rosie pyramid which we did twice in the Autumn - a good way to gauge progress.

It's 11 stages, 3' each, no rest, @ 16/18/20/18/20/22/20/18/20/18/16. So 33 minutes of continuous work.



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