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Hi all

Here's the two sessions for this week - again a bit of variation and a nod towards racing season.

Wednesday Crew class

With Boston Head in mind, we'll do a solid long piece with some pushes and some technique calls. Obviously not everybody is racing on Sunday, but it's a good session for this time of year anyway - particularly as we'll do it at a higher rate than lots of the other longer pieces we've been doing. So it will take a bit of an adjustment!

After warm-up, we'll do

20 minutes, r22 with some 10- and 20- stroke pushes, some technique calls, and some higher rate minutes in there too.

Suggested second session

A nice pyramid interval session, stolen from that 'Pete plan' which floats around on the internet;

It's 250m, (1:30 rest) 500m (3:00 rest) , 750m (4:30 rest), 1000m (6:00 rest), 750m (4:30 rest), 500m (3:00 rest), 250m.

Go for rates between 22 and 26.

It's a nice one because (and here's the nerdy science bit) it hits all three of your energy systems - your immediate ATP system in the 250s, your anaerobic glycolysis system in the 500s to 1000s, and your aerobic system throughout as you attempt to just stay with it. The long rest intervals should allow you to really tax the three systems - if you take shorter rests you won't have enough time to recover between intervals and will end up just relying on aerobic energy and at a aloer overall intensity - still useful of course, but you're missing out on really hammering those anaerobic systems, and also the biomechanical benefits of pulling hard splits.

Nerdy bit over - short version: it should be tough but satisfying :-)


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