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Hi all

Two interval-type sessions this week, but very different beasts!

Wednesday night session.

5 x 4 minutes, on 4 minutes rest, rate changes as below.

Piece 1 - 2 mins @ 20, 2 mins @ 22

Piece 2 - 4 mins @ 22

Piece 3 - 2 mins @ 22, 2 mins @ 24

Piece 4 - 4 mins @ 24

Piece 5 - 2 mins @ 24, 2 mins @ 26

Rationale - hitting some higher rates for slightly more sustained pieces than we have done, but introducing them gradually to build them up. 1-to-1 work to rest ratio to make sure that we really keep the quality through all 5 pieces. We'll get a bit of a technical focus during the light rowing in each recovery piece. As fatigue builds across the session, the rates go up - will be interesting to see what that does to splits. With the decent rests, we should be able to drop the split each time - if not, we need to get a bit more work done on anaerobic endurance.

Suggested 2nd session for the week.

2 x 3km, on ~10 minute rest, rate 22

Just two solid pieces, aiming to do them with good form to get the work in the legs, but not fall apart. Aim for consistency across all 6km of the session, rather than going out too hard, too early. if that means holding back a little at the start and maybe evening having a wee bit in reserve at the end - so be it. Aim is to get the work done with good form, rather than just flog yourself through it.



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