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Hi all

First off, apologies that this never went out last week, have been absolutely snowed under at work.

But I just thought I'd send it out now, a week late, for the records!

Two sessions below

The Wednesday Crew Class session

I had originally called these the Descending Triple Pyramids of Joy, Gareth renamed it as the Ciaramids session, and I like that!

It's 35 minutes of work altogether, with 6 minutes of rest in it. (19 minutes, 3 mins rest, 11 minutes, 3 rest, 5 minutes). The aim of this session is anaerobic endurance - getting through work when you're already tired, basically. By shortening off the work each time but maintain the higher rate pieces, you can focus on keeping the quality at those rates.

Each pyramid isn't a full pyramid as it actually has a little rate dip at the 'top' (so maybe they are actually volcanoes?) - that's because I reckoned rate 28 would probably just be a bit too much for most of us at the moment, and a minute at 22 to recover and get the form back would be more beneficial.

Pyramid 1 - 19 minutes

4'/3'/2'/1'/2'/3'/4' at 22/24/26/22/26/24/22.

3 minutes rest

Pyramid 2 - 11 minutes

You basically lop the bottom layer off the pyramid, getting rid of the 22s. But keep the respite 22 in the middle. So

3'/2'/1'/2'/3 at 24/26/22/26/24

3 minutes rest

Pyramid 3 - 5 minutes

Lop off the next layer, so you're left with just two.

2'/1'/2' at 26/22/26

Suggested second session of the week.

This was actually going to be a really straightforward one - 6k at a comfortable rate (22-24), but not all out.

Instead the idea here would be to get this work done as a really consistent piece and with really, really consistently good form - focusing on your own technical weaknesses throughout. It takes a lot of discipline to do that (not least because it ends up taking you a longer time and you probably want to get it over and done with) but there is no point just hammering yourself every session, because you just end up ingraining bad habits to get low splits. Work hard, but work sensibly!!

This week's plan to follow in a minute....


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