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So now I've caught up on myself....

Wednesday Crew class session

It's short intervals (2 minutes). My thinking here is that we need to start picking the rates up, but there is no point just flogging ourselves at high rates for long pieces - we need to make sure we have the right movement patterns and an efficient stroke at the higher rates.

So we'll do 8 x 2 minutes, on 3' rest. Rates alternating between 24 and 26.

This is roughly mimicking the standard 8 x 500m sessions which a lot of people do.

The 3' rest is to make sure that we can really go at each interval with good form - at this point we want to be fresh(ish) for each one so that we get quality. As we progress we'll reduce the rest on these types of intervals, but not until we have the form and fitness to do it.

We'll also work on a technical focus for each one; and we'll do some work on drag factor settings at the start to make sure that everybody is getting the right resistance for themselves.

Suggested second session for the week

5k, r24.

Just go and do it! Not as a formal test piece, but just as a solid piece to banish the 'fear' of 5k pieces which loads of us seem to have. It will be a satisfying piece of work to get done, and also give you a baseline idea of where you're at.

Go hard, but try to go hard without sacrifcing form. Sacrifice a half second on your split rather than falling apart and crawling over the end.

So in a way it's a middle ground between the Wednesday session (all about form) and a full out test piece (all about time).


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