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Hi all

Two really simple sessions this week. Wednesday's session is taking some of the higher rate work we've been doing recently into slightly longer pieces, looking for consistency. The second session is going back to doing longer pieces, holding form.

Wednesday crew class session

3 x 6 minutes, r 24, on 5' active rest (light paddle)

So very straightforward, solid work. Aim is to choose a target split which will mean piece 1 is hard, piece 2 is very hard, and piece 3 has you hanging on for the last few minutes. But always maintaining solid form. The 5 minute rests are what gives us the physical and mental recovery to make sure you can maintain form, so no excuses on that one.

If you're not sure what to aim out, consider perhaps a split which is what you'd like to be hitting a 5km at at the moment.

Suggested second session of the week

2 x 15 minutes, r 22, on 5' active rest (light paddle).

Looking for consistency throughout on this one. The rationale for it is solid aerobic work, with good form. Shouldn't be a killer session. Break each one into 5 x 3 or 3 x 5, and pick a technical focus for each one - force yourself to work on that aspect, don't let yourself away with sloppiness. That way you're getting a technical session and an aerobic session, and you don't end up in a pool on the floor (unlike Wednesday's session :-) )


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