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Hi all

Similar idea to last week -

Wednesday's session is multiple medium-length intervals, the suggested second session is two longer pieces, looking for consistency across them.

Wednesday crew class session

4 x 5 minutes, on 4' active rest. Each 5' piece is 2' @r24, 1' @r26, 2' @r24.

So that's similar to last week, but just changing the format around a little bit to keep us on our toes. Focus will be on distinct but still smooth rate changes (it sounds contradictory, but does make sense if you think about it), and getting a strong, solid catch position to allow us to hang off the handle and get a bit of umph on the drive.

Suggested second session of the week.

2 x 3500/4000 r22, on a 5' rest.

Basically, here you're trying to hit around a 14-16 minutes piece, but I think sometimes it's nicer to count down distance than time. So if you reckon your split for this length of piece would be about 2:00 or under, go for 4000m pieces. If it's going to be above 2:00, go for 3500s. Obviously it doesn't work out perfectly, but should hit something in the right range.

Set your erg to give you 500m splits so you can try and hit that consistency across every split.


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