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Hi all

Here's two sessions for this week. Following similar patterns to the last few weeks - these seem to be going well and they are good types of sessions for this time of year.

Wednesday crew class session

3 x 6 minutes, on 3.30' active rest. All pieces at r24 (with maybe a sneaky race-finish at the end of piece 3)

So in terms of work, that's similar to what we did a couple of weeks ago, just with a shorter rest.

In terms of the focus for each piece, we'll have a really simple focus for each one - catch preparation and change of direction in the first; dynamic rock overs to allow recovery on the slide in the second, and the third will be a mixture of screens on and screen off, with some race finish calls.

Suggested second session of the week

2 x 17-minute pyramids, on a 5-10' rest

Each pyramid is 5' @22, 3' @24, 1' @26, and then back down again

So these are some Squashed CiaraMids™. Only three stages in each one, and not massive rate changes. Realistically, these are just 17 minute pieces to work on a mixture of aeroibc and anerobic endurance; the pyramid format is there to keep it a bit interesting,. and to give a challeneg to maintain form at different rates.

Do these at an intensity which allows you to divide your work evenly across the two, and I've suggested a rest between 5 and 10 minutes - take whatever you feel you need. The aim is to get the overall amount of work done at even splits and good form, not to accumualte massive lactate in the first and struggle through the second.



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