Crew Class - Autumn 2015 - Week 2

Hello all

I'm sorry this email is so late, I've had some crazy days in work recently and I'm only catching up with myself now.

Wednesday session.

This was 3 x 10 minutes on 3 minutes rest Piece 1: (3 @ r18, 2 @ r20) x 2 Piece 2: 2 @20, 2@ 18, 2@ 20, 2@18, 2@20 Piece 3: (2 @ 18, 3 @ 20) x 2

So the idea was to build the work slightly from the previous week, but keeping the same rests. And to vary the rates a bit to keep us sharp, and working on consistency within and between blocks. Overall, it's still about aerobic endurance base building.

Suggested second session 2 x 18 minutes, with a 5 minute rest. Rate 20, and that would be an RPE of about 14 - so a little slower than Wednesday's pieces. The rationale for that suggested session is: - Building up the overall work time (36 minutes), which contributes to developing our base of aerobic endurance - Doing this by lengthening the intervals, but not making the rests any shorter (in fact, making the rest a little longer). The idea there is that you should be able to maintain the quality of the second piece if the rest is long enough. - Along with the 'physiological' fitness, lengthening out the pieces also has two other benefits: 1) 'mental endurance' - 18 minutes with no rate changes or intensity changes is really boring. So it forces you to maintain your concentration in order to hold a steady split. 2) what I am calling 'physical endurance'. So, as an example, at the moment I can cycle hard for 90 minutes, because I've been on the bike a fair bit recently. But I couldn't do that on the erg, because although I have the fitness, my shoulders would tire, my position would go, my hamstrings and backside etc. would be too sore. So doing these slightly longer pieces at a lower intensity allows us to build that physical endurance to maintain good form while erging - once we have that, we can then throw some much harder work on top of it.

I promise I'll get this week's email out on time!


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