Crew Class - Autumn 2015 - Week 4

Hi all

Two sessions below. Very simple, straightforward sessions.


Will be 3 x 12 minutes on 2 minutes rest, rate 20, intensity increasing slightly for each piece (so taking your average split down by ~1 second per piece).

The idea here is that we are continuing to build the total work (36 minutes), but reducing the rests slightly, and then also working on increasing the intensity and lowering the split by really working on the drive rather than upping the rate - fitting into the idea of using this time of year for 'distance per stroke'.

Think about the splits you were pulling for the 10-minute and 8-minute pieces in the first couple of weeks - at this point you want to be holding those splits for the full 12 minutes, or even going a little quicker.

The trick to this session is to make sure that you can drop the split a little from piece one to piece 3 - so again, it's an exercise in pacing yourself, and not starting out too hard.

Suggested second session

A long boring, mental-fitness one - a 30 minute piece. But to make it slightly more palatable, put some rate changes in - do it as 6 minute blocks at 18/20/22/20/18. Thus it ends up similar to the 33 minute pyramid we did last week, but slightly less fun (and therefore more mentally taxing!).


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