Crew Class - Autumn 2015 - Week 5

Hi all

I can't make this evening's session, Eli is going to run it.

Wednesday session

3 x 10 minutes, on 1' rest, and with rate changes from 18-24 within each 10-minute piece: (1@18, 2@20, 1@22, 2@24, 1@22, 2@20, 1@18.)

Two aims here:

Endurance: the total work time is less than last week, but the rests are shorter

Distance per stroke: Thinking about putting the work down to get max distance per stroke across all three pieces - again, it's all about pacing. The varying splits are deliver ate to a) make it a bit more mentally engaging and b) o ensure that we get used to work hard at different rates, rather than falling into the pattern of backing off the work as the rate changes.

Suggested second session for the week

2 x 20 minutes, on 5' rest, rate 20. At an RPE of about 14 - 'somewhat hard'. (So a split which you could maintain for an hour, although you wouldn't exactly love that hour).

Three aims here:

Mental endurance: keeping a consistent effort for the full 20 minutes.....and then backing it up with another one

Physical endurance: 40 minutes of work at a decent (but not horrible) effort

Technical: As the Wednesday session had shorter intervals with rate changes, it's a bit trickier to focus on technique then. So put it into your second session instead - watch back over your video from a few weeks ago, and pick out what needs work.

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