Crew Class - Autumn 2015 - Week 6

StartFragmentHi all

This week's two sessions, they're hard :-)

Wednesday session

4 x 1700-2300m, free rate, on a 4 minute rest.

This is a bit of a departure from the usual type of session, where we have a set time, and a set rate. What I'm aiming for here is pieces which are about 8 minutes long - so pick a distance which should take you about that long, based on the average split you think you would pull).

And then complete those four pieces at whatever rate feels appropriate. But the aim is obviously that you are able to pace the whole thing so that you can complete the last piece with roughly the same split as the first, but more importantly, with the same good form.

It's tricky, but that's the point - it'll give you a bit of a feel for what your pacing is like and what your consistency is like.

Overall it's about 32 minutes of work, so simialr to what we have been doing up to now, but arranged in a different way - more pieces, shorter, and therefore at a slightly higher intensity.

Suggested second session

6 x 1000m, on a 4-minute rest, rate 20

This is effectively a bit of a test piece for yourself, to start to set you up for a 5km piece at Christmas time.

The idea is to do the first 1000m at the split you'd secretly like to pull for a 5km piece - be ambitious. See how it feels, and then try to back it up in the second piece, and the third etc.

If the first couple are easy enough, then go a little harder on the third and see how that goes.

It's about getting used to what sort of split you are able to pull, and then over the weekd we'll take down the rests and build up the pieces until you have the endurance to keep it there for 5km :-)



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