Crew Class - Spring 2016 - Week 1

Hi all


This is the new all-group crew class email list for this term. We're going to put the two groups together for the first while and see how it goes - this way you get someone who knows what they are talking about in terms of technique (Vicky) and somebody who will draw pretty pictures of the whiteboard and play awful music to distract you (me)!

Apologies to those who have had this info already in Vicky's email, but just for consistency.....

1) The session is full this term, with spare people waiting, so if you can't make it some week please email this whole list as EARLY AS POSSIBLE to let the 'spare' people know that it is available, and then keep an eye for replies so that you can coordinate it - don't assume that myself or Vicky will see it. If you can, put it on Facebook too.

2) Just to confirm, the list we currently have is....Frances, Dexter, Rob, Meri (?), Kathryn, Kate, John, Chris, Katy, Liz, Emma B, Shirley and Gareth. And then the other people on this email who are interested in taking a seat now and then or just knowing the sessions are Nic, Alice, Rosie, Stuart and Georgie.

3) It's 10 sessions, taking us up to 23rd March. £3 per session, so please pay your £30 either in cash this Wednesday, or into the club account with "Crew Class Spring Term" and your name as the payment reference.

4) This week's session is still TBC, but likely to be a race piece in preparation for Boston Head. So that means an ~20 minute piece with different rates, calls, pushes etc. Because it is going to be about reacting to changes etc., I won't send details in a Wednesday email as I usually do, instead I'll send it afterwards.

See ye Wednesday for fun and games







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