Crew Class - Spring 2016 - Week 2

January 27, 2016

Hi all


Details of sessions below






5 x 4 minutes, on 3 minutes rest. Rates:

1) 20/22/22/24

2) 22/22/24/24

3) 22/24/24/26

4) 24/24/26/26

5) 24/26/26/whatever you feel is a strong, controlled rate for you


The idea of these pieces is to start to get us working at slightly higher rates, as we get more into racing season. So getting used to get the hands moving away nice and quickly off the finish, and the hips rocking over. Then still putting down the power on the drive. You can get the rate by just racing up and down the slide with no rhythm and not much power, but there's not much point in that, it won't make the boat move quickly. So it's about getting the rate from the work in the water and the controlled quickness on the body movements.

Obviously head races aren't 4 minutes long, but if we tried to do 20 minutes straight at rate 26 on the erg at this time of year, we'd probably all fall apart. Hence breaking it down into smaller chunks, so the form stays good, but doing quite a few of them, so the work gets done :-)



Suggested second session


2 x 3km on an 8' rest

Rates: 1000m @ 22, 2000m @24


A fairly simple one, getting a set of longer pieces in. Use this to get used to pulling a consistent stroke at rate 24.

The big long rest period is to give you enough recovery to still do the second piece with good quality - should be similar to the first in both the split (no reason for it not to) and your form and technique (really work on this). It won't matter how fit you are in the second half of a race if your technique falls apart. 





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